Rated as one amongst the best hotels in Mcleodganj, Pink House is a family run budget guest house that has been delivering smiles to thousands of its guests for over seven years. Located off the main road, away from the hustle-bustle of the market, Pink House is nestled in a tranquil pocket of Mcleodganj, overlooking the sublime majesty of the Himalayas and the gorgeous valley below.

Find a comfortable spot on your private balcony, breath the fresh air, sip some delicious Kashmiri Green tea and enjoy our award winning hospitality.

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Hello, Friend!

Today, there are two types of accommodation in Mcleodganj. There are hotels and there is the Pink House. Seven years back when we started Pink House; our aim was not to recognized as a hotel, but as a home; Not the clichéd home away from home; but a home to travelers, the nomads, the romantics, mountain chasers, writers, photographers and dreamers; A home, which is a space where people felt like being themselves, happy and cared for. Today, that’s what the Pink House is.

I thank each one of you for helping us make Pink House, Pink House.

Welcome home.

Your Friend,



If you had that delicious Tibetan Bread at Pink House, chances are that it had Tsering’s magic in it. A super-cook who always wears a smile – catch Tsering in Pink House’s new building rooftop kitchen.

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